I’m so excited to finally have a web page up and running to share with friends, family, and future clients!  I want to give thanks to Bonnie Pelnar (Under Watercolours) for doing all the work and training me on how to run this.  (I know, I should pay her extra for the training me part!)

I can’t wait to start sharing my photography adventures (and pictures) – and kicking it off with a trip to Alaska is just perfect in my book.

The Hunt is Over!

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What a fun time with Steve and Stephanie taking their engagement photos!  I can’t wait for the wedding in November.  The best part is when the couple have a few of their own ideas – and I get to learn something new!20160617_2732 20160617_2680 20160617_2625 20160617_2552 20160617_2534 20160617_2517 20160617_2487 20160617_2371 20160617_2362 20160617_2354 20160617_2333

Christmas is Family Time!

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I love this time of year – especially when it snows!  But the best part is when family gets together – and I get to take pictures!  😉  What fun I had with Jim and Rita and their three beautiful daughters.  Who could go wrong with these models?  😉20151227_5071 20151227_5085_web 20151227_5078_web 20151227_5065_web

And afterwards, having warm coffee and great conversations.  Life is good, especially with good friends.

Iceland Nov 2015

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Love these Icelandic sheep!

Love these Icelandic sheep!


What a blast to visit Iceland in November!  I highly recommend a trip to this beautiful country, and can’t wait to go back in summer sometime.  Maybe even ride an Icelandic horse and help round up the sheep in the mountains!  The variety of landscapes, the pristine environment, and the friendly people are just a few of my favorite things.




The Maritime (Canada)

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The above picture is at Hopewell rocks – the view was beautiful!  And the trip – a photographer’s delight!  Now – how to get there at least 4 times a year to see it in all seasons???  Best start saving money!  I was fortunate to join Mum and Sharon on a 1o day tour with Colette travel going through the Maritime.  If you ever get Tammy as your tour guide and Jim as your driver – you are in for a treat!   I have a lot more pictures on my SmugMug account – feel free to check them out.  Oh – and the rest of the tour travelers were awesome, what a pleasure to meet people from all over the US, Canada, the UK and Scotland!

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

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I know that God loves to bless his children and delight them.  I was incredibly delighted yesterday – Thank you Lord!  I wanted to see some new sights and grab some pictures on my way to Seattle.  Well, taking  the “long” way seemed the right way to do it.  Day 1 of 3 (to just getting there) was spent at Malheur and Hart Mountain.  I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the area, the abundance of life/animals, and the kindness of the people I met.



This little beauty was hiding behind a thicket, where I was hoping to get a picture of a female pheasant that scurried away while I was driving down Center Patrol Rd in Malheur.   I miss Maya, my golden retriever, whenever I look into the big brown eyes of a deer.

On to Hart Mountain:



Only two Pronghorn crashed across the road in front of me,  so I was able to get a close-up of them.  I saw a herd closer to the headquarters, complete with babies, but they were more than a mile away so couldn’t do justice to a picture of them.  I loved chatting with the proprietors at Hart Mtn. Headquarters, as one of them was a Boise native!  They kindly showed me the amazing path to get to Lakeview, OR via Warner Valley.   I tell you, if you are ever in the neighborhood, TAKE THE ROUTE!!!



Beauty beyond words described this lovely area.

I can hardly wait for Day 2’s adventures!


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I love being at the right spot at the right time!  I’m sitting on the river’s edge with a my dear friend Chris up in Cascade, and spied this Osprey fishing for it’s supper.  While nothing came of this particular dive, it did end up with something yummy eventually:





I’m sure this sweet little lighthouse was a good guiding light for them (LOL!)



Oh, it’s going to be a good summer – I can tell already!

Osprey, Herons and Eagles

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I love living in Idaho!  Just a simple drive around the lake offers so many wonderful sites up here in Cascade!  This Osprey was sitting pretty for me as I was driving up to see my niece Cassie and her family in Donnelly.

Then of course, the way back to my cabin offered these beauties:



And not to be outdone, the bald eagle family was sitting pretty by their nest:



I couldn’t see any chicks, but who knows? It was a good distance away!

Oh yes, I do love living in Idaho!


Herons Updated – with Chicks

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It was so amazing to see the Heron’s with almost full-grown chicks in the nests!!  I was able to watch as the parent fed the chicks – they literally stuff their beak down the throat of the chick to feed it.  Amazing to me.  I had to giggle a bit – the chick is the one with the bad hair-do – rather fuzzy on top!

Here’s one of Mom (or Dad) feeding the chick:



Isn’t that just amazing?  The chick would almost try to bite the beak of the parent – and I’m not sure how the parent decides which one to feed.  Both were looking pretty healthy to me, so I figure they both must be getting food.  Wow.


High Valley, Ola and Sweet

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I decided to take the back way home from Cascade, and came across this beauty fighting with 10 turkey vultures for a carcass on the side of the road.  I am always in awe of this majestic bird, even though they are rather common in our area.

Check out my Smugmug account for more pictures from this trip – the overcast skies added so much character to the trip!

 High Valley, Ola and Sweet

Almost to Lowman – Crooked River Trail

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I’m standing at Beaver Creek Summit – a bit over 6,000 feet.  I sure live in a beautiful state!  Maya and I decided to try a new hiking trail – Crooked Arrow.  It’s a bit past Idaho City (closer to Lowman, actually!).  I did just the 2.5 mile version of it – you can go the full ~6.6 miles if you desire!  May have to try that out when I bring water with me!  😉

I don’t know who had more fun, me or Maya.  She loves off-leash trails, especially if water is nearby and she can swim!  She only got her paws wet on this trip – I didn’t want full fledged wet dog smell for the hour plus drive home!



I’ll be heading up to Moscow this weekend – with the camera in the front seat as usual!  Can’t wait to see what adventures lay in store

I have a few more pictures under “Crooked River Trail” gallery – check them out!