Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

Posted on Jun 20, 2013



I know that God loves to bless his children and delight them.  I was incredibly delighted yesterday – Thank you Lord!  I wanted to see some new sights and grab some pictures on my way to Seattle.  Well, taking  the “long” way seemed the right way to do it.  Day 1 of 3 (to just getting there) was spent at Malheur and Hart Mountain.  I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the area, the abundance of life/animals, and the kindness of the people I met.



This little beauty was hiding behind a thicket, where I was hoping to get a picture of a female pheasant that scurried away while I was driving down Center Patrol Rd in Malheur.   I miss Maya, my golden retriever, whenever I look into the big brown eyes of a deer.

On to Hart Mountain:



Only two Pronghorn crashed across the road in front of me,  so I was able to get a close-up of them.  I saw a herd closer to the headquarters, complete with babies, but they were more than a mile away so couldn’t do justice to a picture of them.  I loved chatting with the proprietors at Hart Mtn. Headquarters, as one of them was a Boise native!  They kindly showed me the amazing path to get to Lakeview, OR via Warner Valley.   I tell you, if you are ever in the neighborhood, TAKE THE ROUTE!!!



Beauty beyond words described this lovely area.

I can hardly wait for Day 2’s adventures!

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