Wine Tasting and Picture Taking… not always in that order!

Posted on Apr 27, 2013



Nothing more fun than to jump into a car with a camera and directions to a few local wineries.  Especially when you have a designated driver who is willing to stop when you want to take pictures!  (Thanks Dad!)  I’m visiting my folks in Minnesota and we decided to hit a few wineries in Wisconsin and MN this beautiful sunny (and warm!) day.  There were some incredible views of the water and trees giving lovely reflections – visit my smugmug link for the “Trees and Reflections” album.  And of course, this darling Corgi mix puppy (yes, only 9 months old!) was fun to play with while tasting some delish wines from Whitewater Winery near Plainview, MN.



Kinda hard not to pick him up and want to take him home for Maya to play with!

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  1. Great shots cuz!

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